• The School District of Brentwood High School, New York, with about 4,000 students opened their doors to us to carry out our youth program which resulted in the reduction of crime, drugs, gangs, graffiti and harassment among young people.

  • According to the Brentwood Police Department, crime was reduced more than 42% that year and this is when most students were able to graduate High School.

  • The students who received help through our youth program are now professionals, for example they are nurses, soldiers, teachers, doctors, sportsmen etc.

  • These young people who have received help through our programs have purpose themselves to help others and are now part of our work staff.

  • We have achieved for families to spend more time together; for young people to respect their parents; for hundreds of people receive food; for musical instruments and dance to become an outlet of expression; for parents with children in the military service to understand and respect their kids decision; for people who are suffering with depression are now able to escape that pit of despair and are able to understand that they have value, that addictions are only an escape from reality and that they can break those chains and have a family and stable life.