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Empowering Youth to Find a Sense of Purpose, Direction and Identity to Live Successful Lives

Young people have become targets of unscrupulous recruiting terrorist groups who appeal to discourage, lonely, bullied teens with no sense of purpose or direction by offering them a “meaningful” place in the world and a sense of belonging.

For this reason we have created this free community program to help our children understand who they are, why they matter, and fulfilled their need to become productive members of society.

We will accomplish these objectives by:

* Teaching biblical principles on ethics, morals and civic norms which will counteract the misinterpretation of religious doctrines that has led extremist groups to manipulate our youth.

* Providing mentors that will listen to the youth’s problems and will help them know they have a voice which will lessen the feelings of frustration and alienation that makes them vulnerable to radical groups.

* Creating outlets for youths like music and drama are particularly effective at giving young men a creative way to develop their talents and at the same time it provides opportunities to create healthy friendships.

As a community we need to come together and destroy the psychological infiltration terrorist groups have placed in the minds of our youth and this will only be accomplished by educating, developing and encouraging collective activities that will give this generation a healthy self-esteem and a set of defining Godly principles to guide their development and frame their life.

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