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In recent years we have seen many women have come out of their cocoon where they been hidden for a long time.

This ministry focuses in helping women realized their potential and value. Now, we are able to see women who are excelling in all professionals fields and for us as a church that is a win!

Our society and culture has taught us to see women as a sex symbols or simply one that is to be abused physically and emotionally. But we thank our Savior Jesus Christ, for He has risen and has given us the value that we deserved. We are God's workmanship, washed and bought by the blood of the lamb.

“Beloved, God's will for our lives is to be women that provoke changes in the atmosphere like the butterfly effect."

The flutter from the butterfly’s wings can create a delicate change in the atmosphere, which over time could create something as dramatic as a tornado. Women do not settle, through Jesus you can change your position! May the Lord Almighty fill you with His peace!

Pastor Monica Jaquez