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They may be the unlikeliest roommates in Smithtown.

Four years ago, the Conservative Jewish congregation of Temple Beth Sholom, facing mounting bills and dwindling membership, sold its Edgewood Avenue synagogue to Ministerio Jesucristo Vive, or Jesus Christ Lives Ministry — a burgeoning, largely Latino evangelical church.

By Stewart Ain
New York Jewish Week
May 17, 2013 | Year 37, No. 35

If it’s a sign of the times, boy, is it a doozy.

The sign at the entrance to Temple Beth Shalom of Smithtown, N.Y., at first glance, seems standard-issue; it stands about six feet high, with white letters (announcing the times of services) on a black background inside a glass frame.

But look again, and the bottom part of the sign holds a revelation, so to speak. “JCL,” the sign announces in bright colors, an orange flame inside the curve of the C — Jesus Christ Lives. And underneath that the Spanish version: Ministerio Jesuchristo Vive, a fast-growing Evangelical Christian church.

Welcome to one of the more unique mergers in Jewish congregation life, one that has saved (if we can use that word) a dying Conservative synagogue in Suffolk County and created, at least for the moment, a powerful symbol of interfaith cooperation.

By Rachel Shapiro Write The Author

Times of Smithtown
May 22, 2013 | 09:27 AM
As newcomers to Smithtown, the congregation at Jesus Christ Lives Church — otherwise known by its Spanish name, Ministerio Jesucristo Vive — will make its mark on the community on Saturday, June 1, as its members fill 30 flatbed trucks and numerous cars and roll down Route 111, Route 25 and Edgewood Avenue.

New York, 20 de Enero de 2017

A Quien le Pueda Interesar,

Mi nombre es Angela Layampa, líder del Ministerio Jesucristo Vive en Smithtown, New York. También soy una veterana de la Fuerza Aérea de los Estados Unidos que sirvió activamente por seis años desde el ano 2000 hasta el 2006. Actualmente trabajo para el Departamento de Asuntos para Veteranos en Long Island, New York. Me propuse escribir esta importante revelación dada por el Pastor Raymond Jaquez a todos los feligreses de su iglesia a principios de 2016.

El Pastor Jaquez tiene el don de la profecía, las visiones y la interpretación de sueños. Todos estos dones fueron visibles en Enero de 2016 cuando el profetizó a toda la congregación que Donald Trump ganaría la nominación al Partido Republicano porque Dios se lo había revelado a través de un sueño. Y esto es exactamente lo que sucedió el dia martes 19 de Julio del 2016.

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Like many people on Long Island who want to give their children religious training, my wife and I sought a place that would serve a multitude of purposes. The first, of course, was providing our three children with some sense of religious identity, and the second, a refuge from the hurly-burly of life.